My completed list of finished comic books

I have finished two comics at the moment. It maybe doesn’t sound that much, but believe me, it took me almost a lifetime (or it felt like) to get started.

Jämna och ojämna veckor (even and odd weeks)

My second and my most recent comic book (2020) is a short story of being a child of divorced parents. It’s a loving, yet sad, story how confusing it felt like for me to go through the same process every Friday and change houses from one parent to the other.

This comic was backed and finansed thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. So we should all thank the generous people who brought this comic to print.

Delaria – Aiko’s great adventure

My first and ambitious comic, Delaria – Aiko’s great adventure was finished in 2019. It was my first taste of completing my dream, which was to create a comic that I can share and enjoy with you all.

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